"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small

compared to what lies within us".

- Emerson -


"I am like a GPS - I don't really care where I have been

I only care where I am going".

- Lorenzo -



Laser Life Coach


This website is designed and sponsored personally by Lorenzo Kunze, M.E.


Welcome to this laser education website. Here you will read about one of the top aesthetic and medical laser educators in the world, aesthetic and medical laser mentoring, on-line continuing education modules and assistance in finding out which lasers can treat your particular skin condition properly.


Lorenzo Kunze, M.E. (Google) is a world renown laser educator and pioneer in the aesthetic laser profession. He was one of the first (non-medical professionals) in the world to provide laser aesthetic and medical applications utilizing a laser. Lorenzo is a valuable resource to those wanting accurate knowledge in regard to aesthetic and medical laser applications. As you view this exciting information you will notice this is not your usual promotional site.


Lorenzo is no longer affiliated or associated with any college and is presently working as a  independent laser adviser and aesthetic / medical educator . He does not represent one laser company or college over the other, however he will suggest types of lasers, educational institutes and laser products that will benefit your laser practice and your laser consumers (clients/patients).


After 40 years in the aesthetic and medical education business, Lorenzo has decided to slow down and utilize his experience as a laser mentor (laser life coach) for professionals in the aesthetic and medical laser business. He will be assisting the novice to the seasoned professional in:


consulting with professionals in all aspects of their laser business

consulting with the beginner in relationship to working in the laser environment

additional laser instruction to any aesthetic or medical laser professional

laser business questions (starting, expanding, building or selling your laser business)

assisting in developing protocols, applications and/or procedures

laser (rental, leasing or purchasing) equipment


If you would like to contact Lorenzo, please click here and fill out the "Ask Lorenzo" form.


It is smart that prospective students complete their due diligence and research before attending a laser school or college. You will want to know who is teaching the classes, how much hands-on they will receive, class size and if they will be mentored after graduation. Some students will need to work for a facility for a while and others may decide to open their own laser practice. To view state requirements, click here.


If you have a laser and want to learn how to use it more productively or you are thinking about getting into the aesthetic laser business...Lorenzo may be able to provide you with some valuable insights.


Lorenzo was one of the very first professionals to utilize lasers for aesthetic procedures back in the early 1990's. Please take a minute to Google Lorenzo and view the numerous sites that he is mentioned on the Internet or take a look at  Lorenzo's curriculum vitae. The many years of experience that he has spent as a board certified laser professor, assisting to over 4500 graduates (aesthetic and medical) worldwide. Click here to read about the 100 years of hair removal history with Lorenzo's family.


Lorenzo has various ways for professionals to achieve accurate knowledge in regard to aesthetic laser applications and equipment. He provides an one-on-one consulting and small group assistance. Lorenzo is also lecturing around the world at some of the worlds top laser facilities.


Lorenzo has set up an "ASK LORENZO" site, click on the icon below to ask your question regarding laser training, treatments or equipment. Lorenzo will be glad to discuss all topics of the aesthetic and medical laser profession or the best laser equipment (pre-owned or new) for you right now.



Dear Laser Professionals,


I, like many of you, realize that now is a very special time in the lives of medical and cosmetic professionals - as consumers are requesting, desiring and needing cutting edge technology and education.

Laser procedures are now a common occurrence and professionals need to be properly trained if they are going to survive in our everyday work place.

The opportunity is now in your court, so take full advantage of it... luxuriate in its benefits...learn it correctly and most importantly...


ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY life to its' very fullest!


My present objective is to educate, promote and elevate cosmetic and medical professionals to the top of their fields. Through proper education, the marriage of medical and aesthetic applications...will, can and has been a benefit for both the consumer and the allied health professional.


I have devoted over 40 years of building a career consisting of cosmetic and medical applications and procedures designed to enhance the aesthetic and medical profession. By educating, working and associating with electrologists, aestheticians, physicians and fellow allied health educators', we can see the advantages of developing proper medical protocol. These advancements, benefits and protocols will assist all enhancement specialists' into the new millennium.


I have endeavored to be on the cutting edge of laser technology, cosmetic advancements and medical education and at the same time learning, educating and serving the public. My past students, graduates, patients, clients and peers have recognized the psychological, cosmetic and medical rewards that are produced from our works. This has established in us an outstanding image, impeccable credibility and long-lasting confidence that make’s it all worth providing.


My lifetime objective is to live life to its’ very fullest with an equal balance in my family, my work and my God (because of my imperfections...they are not always in that order)!


Here's to light! Enjoy its benefits...best wishes, Lorenzo




What's New

in Aesthetic and Medical Technology?


thermolo Lorenzo Kunze

Thermolo - Lorenzo Kunze M.E.

- It is amazing on how easy it is to remove spider veins -


THERMO-Lo is not a laser, however...

for aesthetic facial imperfections such as:

Spider Veins, Cherry Hemangiomas, Milia, Acne, Skin Tags,
Rosacea, Melasma, Sebaceous Hyperplasia and Cholesterol Deposits


Thermo-Lo can work better than most lasers (on the above imperfections)

No medical director needed and the machine costs under $4,000


 The Thermo-Lo includes:


Carrying Case

2-year warranty

Sharps Container

Free Shipping in USA

Diamond Tip 'H' Tweezer

100 probes (50 insulated 50 gold)

On-Line Instructional Video Instruction

On-Line Treatment Protocols, Consent Forms and Home Care Instructions


Training is $1,000 (depending on locality) and includes:

Thermo-Lo Training Certificate

Lorenzo hopes to continue to offer his long legacy (40 years) of assisting aesthetic and medical professionals. What sets Lorenzo apart from other instructors, besides his years of experience...is that he has continued to work with any laser student after they have graduated from any laser school or college. Whether they are getting a job in an aesthetic or medical facility or or opening their own place.


Lorenzo enjoys his chosen profession of instructing and mentoring students from around the world. He is truly a pioneer in the laser industry and he would like to share his many years of experience and knowledge to those who want to learn.


Please email Lorenzo at: (lo@laserlaser.com):


Whether you want to work for a medical / aesthetic professional or open your own laser business, Lorenzo will offer one-on-one laser mentoring to all students.


Lorenzo can refer students to professionals that can assist them in new (state-of-the-art) lasers for sale, lease or rent. Lorenzo is also working with several aesthetic laser companies around the world that offers pre-owned lasers sales, leasing, maintenance and financing. Pre-owned lasers can cost as low as $15 - $25K, depending on wear and tear of the equipment.


Ask Lorenzo Kunze

Lorenzo has set up an on-line "ASK LORENZO" site. Ask your questions regarding laser mentoring, treatments or equipment.


Lorenzo will be glad to discuss where to find the best training or the best laser equipment (pre-owned or new) for you right now.




Lorenzo Kunze is a world renowned medical laser professor and has over 40 years of aesthetic and medical experience. He has been an owner and/or consultant to more than thirty privately-owned clinics world-wide. Lorenzo has utilized his vast laser knowledge and experience into mentoring graduates (during the training and years after their graduation).


Lorenzo attributes his success to his parents, Helen and Walter Kunze as they started an electrology college in Denver Colorado in 1948. Both have passed away, but their knowledge and experience's are still very evident in the way that Lorenzo coaches his students.


If you are missing that passion in your life and want a exciting profession that can be rewarding to both your personal and financial life...a career in aesthetic laser may be the right choice for you. Providing aesthetic laser procedures has been Lorenzo's life-long passion and his goal is to share his enthusiasm with his students and graduates (over 4500 worldwide).


In the world we live in, there are so many things we take for granted, however independence is a hard won luxury and something to work at and aspire towards. Helping others feel good about themselves can provide that independent feeling that we all want and yearn for. Isn't it time to take control of your future?



"Faith is the first step...
even when you can't see the whole staircase."

- Martin Luther King, Jr -


You may find it interesting to read more about Lorenzo and how he was adopted into both a family and a profession. You will see that he received his name to fame by being one of the first in the world to provide laser hair removal treatments.


 He was in the right place at the right time when his colleague and competitor Wallace (Wally) Roberts convinced Lorenzo that laser may be the wave of the future. Wally and Lorenzo both purchased a laser in the early 1990's, and it changed the way hair was to be removed from then on. Wally opened his college in Naples Florida and Lorenzo in Denver Colorado. Wally has since passed away but his spirit stays alive through Lorenzo.

They say behind every successful man is a wise women, but in Lorenzo's case she stands right next to him. Throughout the years, Lorenzo has had the privilege of a loving wife and companion in his wife
Martha Kunze, She gives Lorenzo the support and confidence that he needs to continue to educate and mentor on a daily basis. Below is Lorenzo and Martha celebrating their many years together (30 years in 2011).



Lorenzo Kunze and wife Martha Kunze - 30 years together

Lorenzo and his lovely wife Martha 


"I am the one that is the wild horse and wants to go full blast everywhere I go, and Martha is the one with the sensible reins...our belief in each other has made our lives the great success it has been for many years."

- Lorenzo - 


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